Changing the business of farming

Conservis provides farm management software to help you see your operation from the dirt up.  Track field activities, manage inventories and analyze yields.  The Conservis platform connects your information to manage your progress today and harvest opportunities ahead.  

For 7 years running, farmers using Conservis have had the power to be more efficient, more competitive and more productive season after season. 



Conservis software helps farmers of all business structures

Solo Operators

Solo Farm Operator

Conservis helps successful one-family farms function efficiently. During busy planting and harvest seasons, activity and inventories are tracked automatically. Reports for marketing, accounting, banks, insurance and lease agreements are easy to generate and share.

Multiple Owners

Multiple Owners

Conservis lets farms with multiple entities and shared goals work better together. Reporting information in real-time and keeping track of land, inputs and machinery ownership saves time, reduces guesswork, and makes sharing profits easier.

Diversified Farmers

Diversified Farmers

Conservis offers diversified farmers the same management tools used in their other businesses, be that seed sales, crop insurance or trucking. Have the same confidence to make decisions with reporting based on accurate, real-time data.

Global Agriculture

global agriculture

Conservis is the standard for agricultural investment with business tools geared to the farm and the boardroom. From traceability and stewardship to on-farm management, Conservis offers consistent measurements across operations.

See what industry leaders are saying about Conservis

Angela Knuth Farmer


“Taking your farm to the cloud” Successful Farming – Angela Knuth,

Most farm operations don’t have an IT department. Many are forced to outsource. What that means is the data you have been accumulating hangs in the balance…Companies like Conservis are building the technology in the cloud to let you benefit from the very thing that may have been stalling your operation’s progress.

“The software brings data that was previously disconnected together,” says Angela. “It not only captures the harvester, its operator, and yield, it also tracks the grain cart and its operator, trucks, and their drivers as they handle loads coming out of the field. This is information not collected by a yield monitor, but it is needed to capture logistics and true cost of production.”


“Data Drives Market Agility | Use Technology to Prepare for the Worst, Succeed in Good Times” Corn and Soybean Digest — Nick Frey,

Nick Frey relies on Conservis to help monitor grain yields and inventory in real-time. “I was having trouble keeping up with all of that incoming data; I let technology fill in the gaps. It keeps decision-making more agile; I do less paperwork and spend less time on the calculator.” Technology helps Frey efficiently manage logistics for the current year, and maintain information so he can reconcile expenses, keep accounting current and know inventory positions at all times.

“I have more time for strategy, business planning and improvements where I need to get better,” he says. “Accurate and trustworthy information, from my data, makes it easier to complete tedious and time-consuming tasks. I can manage our 50-50 crop share with landlords and custom-farming clients more confidently. For example, reporting is much easier because I can query a database versus sorting through a pile of tickets and then build my own report.”

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Nick Frey Farmer